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Solar in Traffic? How’s This for a Simple Turn-Key Solar Ground Mount Solution

Now here something you do not see everyday. Pre-engineered ground mount solar that exemplifies how innovative ideas can use a proven system and re-smith it in an entirely new way. This is a picture I took traveling to a home job site near Los Angeles. This ground mount solar array is traveling south on highway […] Read more

Home Solar Permit Service Helps Do-it-Yourselfers

For a homeowner who would prefer to do-it-yourself (DIY) going solar can be a little scary. Most mainline solar companies offer the equipment that the homeowner can purchase but do little to offer the balance of services that it takes to complete the process of adding solar to a home. Blue Pacific Solar (BPS) has […] Read more

As Solar Installers Search to Lower Costs, Adhesives are Emerging as One Alternative.

Solar installers and the renewable energy industry have technically met the challenge of grid parity in many geographical locations and yet there is still hesitancy in the uptake of this renewable resource. Despite the advances solar technology the manufacturing process can often be expensive enough to make the margin of return and profit too much […] Read more

Off-grid Cabin or Residential Solar Living, Consider Making Your Panels Smarter

Our phones are ringing non-stop with homeowners who are thinking about off-grid living and how solar can make it happen. I really envy those people who cannot resist the pioneer pull most of us have from time to time. My best friend spends his weekends in an off-grid cabin in an Iowa hedge ball forest. […] Read more