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Utilizing Solar Energy in Your Home

Thursday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

With the recent furor surrounding the impending price rises in energy bills, it’s no wonder that people far and wide are looking into alternative methods of home energy. While many people will look into the possibility of changing suppliers in order to find a better deal, there will be just as many who expect a similar cost and service from similar suppliers and who, therefore, feel that there is something to gain from going green. Continue reading …

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5 Cutting-Edge Solar Cell Technologies

Monday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar| Off-Grid Solar

As solar energy becomes a popular way to meet power needs, more efficient ways of harnessing the sun’s energy are being developed for solar photovoltaics (PVs). Solar cells capture energy in the sunlight and transform it into electricity for residential, business and industrial use. Because solar energy is clean, free, renewable and indigenous, it is a crucial component of major energy plans. Developing better technology to make high-quality solar energy affordable for consumers improves domestic energy security and increases competitiveness in global markets. Take a look at five cutting-edge photovoltaic technologies that are keeping sun power in the energy spotlight.

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Grid-Tied Solar; The NET Positive and Negative

Friday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

The majority of “green homes” which use renewable energy are not off-grid, independent propositions. Like traditional homes, they are attached to the grid and have utility providers. The difference is that they try to reach a net-zero or net-positive situation. Continue reading …

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How Does Thin Film Solar Panels Stack Up to Other Panels?

Thursday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

Revised 5/6/2013 – Thin Film Solar (TFS) panels may be the latest technology in solar power, but they are not necessarily better in terms of their power delivery, a researcher has said. “From a materials point of view, TFS panels that are in commercial production are not fundamentally more efficient than the latest Silicon (Si) crystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar panels,” Dr Frederik Vorster, senior researcher at the Photovoltaics Research Unit, in the Centre for Energy Research (CER), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University reports in an intervice. Continue reading …

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