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University Report Says Solar Can Have Significant Jobs Impact

A recent report was released by an Iowa State University research showing solar having a significant jobs impact. We think that Iowa is not only soon to be know for its tall corn and presidential politics but also as a leader in renewable energy. Wind as well as solar is really getting a foothold in the Hawkeye state creating jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Continue reading …

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Solar Installers Complete 1 Million Panel Mega Power Plant

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California is steadfast in its drive to be the first state in the nation to draw 20% of its energy from solar and other renewable power sources. To that end, Sempra Energy companies solar installers have completed their Copper Mountain power plant and it is operational. The 775,000-panel plant is producing around 48 megawatts of electricity across a 380 acre field in the desert. That is enough solar energy to power 30,000 homes. Coupled with their existing 167,000 photovoltaic panels at the adjacent 10-MW facility utilizing a total of nearly 1 million solar photovoltaic panels. Now that is some serious solar power! Continue reading …

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California Christmas Gift From Voters. Victory For Solar Energy

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Californians have a right to celebrate. Prop 23 went down in flames, with 61% of voters against it and 39% in favor. Additionally, California was handed triple victories with the defeat of prop 23, election of Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. Solar and renewable energy jobs may only be a drop in the bucket in this economic recovery, but it is a step forward, not backwards towards more jobs, clean air and a better life for our children. Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer are true champions for solar and renewable energy. Governor elect Brown and Senator Boxer for a long time have been vocal about supporting a change to solar and wind energy, mainly as a way to get us out of the middle east politics of oil. It is gratifying to see that California recognizes that fact in a time of tough decisions rewarding their political courage and support of renewable energy and a sustainable future for California. Continue reading …

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Proposed Solar Farm Has San Benito California Ranchers Hopping Mad

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The same mild temperatures that make San Benito, just south of the San Francisco Bay, an agricultural haven make it an ideal location for solar. Solargen Energy wants to build a 400 megawatt (Yea, that’s really big) solar power facility the area that supports several ranchers and organic farmers.

The project would deliver clean solar electricity to the regional transmission system by interconnecting to the existing Pacific Gas and Electric Company transmission line on site. The proposed solar project would be considered a renewable energy generation facility, and according to the applicant, would support California in meeting the Solar Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate.

Solargen Energy develops, owns and operates environmentally friendly, large scale solar and renewable energy projects to deliver electricity to utilities and industrial customers.

Both sides of the solar land dispute insist they are fighting for the same things protecting the environment and growing the local economy. Continue reading …

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