Can Solar Power Work For You

With the recent furor surrounding the impending price rises in energy bills, it’s no wonder that people far and wide are looking into alternative methods of heating their homes. While many people will look into the possibility of changing suppliers in order to find a better deal, there will be just as many who expect a similar cost and service from similar suppliers and who, therefore, feel that there is something to gain from going green.

Can Solar Power Work For You?

As with everything, there are always arguments for and against the case. Many people feel that solar energy is not a viable way of creating enough energy in the way that we normally source our energy, but realistically, this is just not true. It’s a fact that solar panels can harness a huge amount of energy. The silicon in just one ton of sand, when used in conjunction with a solar panel setup, can physically generate energy levels to match a thousand tons of coal. We have to remember that all energy directly or indirectly comes from the sun – even the energy stored in coal and oil – so using a solar panel is just a way of going directly to the source!

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