Brunton Solo ™ 15 Portable Rechargeable Battery

How great is the SOLO ™15? Field and Stream Magazine named it “Best of the Best, 2008.”

The revolutionary Solo portable battery brings power to the weekend camper or long expedition adventurer way off the grid. Providing power wherever and whenever, the new Solo™ can operate a variety of electronics such as laptops, TVs, air-pumps, cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity. The unit is easily recharged when plugged into a household outlet, vehicle DC outlet or by using Brunton’s solar panels. But the true genius of the SOLO™ could well be its lightweight. Because when you consider everything this Brunton invention can do for you, it just might be the smartest 4 pounds you’ll ever own.

Inverter Included
Peak Power = 77 Watts, Nominal Power = 39 Watts, Total Power = 154 Watt Hours
Storage: 12 Amp Hours @ 12.8 volts
Max Output: 14.6 Volts
Max Power: 77 Watts
Household AC and Vehicle DC
Multi-output cord included