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Heating-Up Solar Panel Efficiencies

Monday | Filed in: Solar Power Products Kits

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new method of collecting solar energy to improve system efficiency. This technique incorporates both a traditional photovoltaic (PV or Solar) cell and a high-temperature material, which is heated directly by sunlight and the radiated infrared energy is collected by the traditional system. This process allows the usage of light wavelengths that are ignored as unusable and may also improve energy storage for later use. Continue reading …

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Solar Energy Could Overtake Oil

Friday | Filed in: Green Technology

In just a few short years, solar power has gone from a little engine that could to an unstoppable juggernaut in energy production. It is now an undeniable fact that the future of energy will rest solidly on solar-power generation. Continue reading …

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Off-Grid Solar Batteries Power a Home 24 / 7

Wednesday | Filed in: Off-Grid Solar

Most solar off-grid power systems will require a battery bank to store energy for use later when the sun is not shinning. A battery bank is like the gas tank in your car. The larger the tank, the longer you can go between fill ups. However, a larger tank also means it will take longer to fill up when you do stop. Also, the larger the car’s engine (electrical load) the faster you will drain the gas tank (battery), which means you will need to stop more often for gas (recharge). Continue reading …

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Fall Hunting, Portable Solar, A Week Away, Sweet!

Friday | Filed in: Solar Power Products Kits

Hunting with portable solar chargers and camping is an activity that goes hand in hand and is gaining popularity. Centuries ago, hunters often had no choice but to camp out until they were able to bring food home for their families. Nowadays, people enjoy solar hunting and camping with portable solar chargers because it gives them a chance to feel independent and enjoy the outdoors. I don’t do much hunting these days and the hunting I did participate in last year was orchestrated by a professional guide, but this seems to me the way to go. Continue reading …

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