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Naperville, Illinois Woman Raises Questions about Smart Meters

Saturday | Filed in: Politics Solar Energy

In many communities throughout the world, smart meters are being installed with absolutely no fanfare. According to a recent news story in the Chicago Tribune, “the devices are capable of using wireless signals to relay detailed information about an individual consumer’s power consumption.” Moreover, they’re designed to be highly efficient. The utility companies as well as many cities and towns see the smart readers as a major upgrade to meters of the past used to report on energy use for each household. In Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, some people are so opposed to the mandatory installation of smart meters that one mother was led away in handcuffs for her opposition. Continue reading …

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There is More to Solar than Panels

Thursday | Filed in: Politics Solar Energy

Solar panels for electricity and hot water are nothing new but this article will look at numerous other options available using the sun’s energy. Let’s start with solar shingles. They are both a roof shingle and a solar panels each shingle being a mini electrical generator that will produce electricity with an output of approximately 600 watts per 100 square feet. Dow Chemical came up with the idea. These shingles can qualify for a Federal Tax Credit, however, expect to spend well over $10,000 for your new roof. Continue reading …

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How Does Thin Film Solar Panels Stack Up to Other Panels?

Thursday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

Revised 5/6/2013 – Thin Film Solar (TFS) panels may be the latest technology in solar power, but they are not necessarily better in terms of their power delivery, a researcher has said. “From a materials point of view, TFS panels that are in commercial production are not fundamentally more efficient than the latest Silicon (Si) crystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar panels,” Dr Frederik Vorster, senior researcher at the Photovoltaics Research Unit, in the Centre for Energy Research (CER), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University reports in an intervice. Continue reading …

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Solar Kits; The Magic in the System are the Panels

Monday | Filed in: Grid-tie solar

Solar panels have to be the most magnificent discovery in modern times short of the computer chip. 2nd best discovery, simple solar kits that any homeowner can tackle. Imagine the possibility of a endless supply of electricity hitting the earths surface every day that can power the world many times over. Sunlight is made up of tiny packets of energy called protons. Solar panels are made up of solar cells which are constructed from simple materials that have a small number of electrons, like silicon, with a positive and negative field. As photons are absorbed in the cell as electrons and are pushed or promoted to the bottom of the cell towards the positive connection. When there is a circuit, the electrons or electricity moves down a wire to power our electronic devices. This simple technology has no moving parts to wear out so you can expect the solar panels in your home solar kit to last most of your life. Continue reading …

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