Solar Edge StoreEdge Battery System

Solar Edge StoreEdge Systems are a smart solution for homeowners who want to increase their energy independence and save on electricity bills. StoreEdge Systems offer:

  • Solar Edge’s breakthrough solar inverter technology that optimizes the power output of each solar panel and reduces power losses
  • Leading battery storage systems that store excess solar energy for use when needed, day or night, and provide backup power in case of grid interruption
  • Higher energy production by allowing up to 200% DC oversizing and mitigating the effects of shading, soiling, aging, and panel mismatch
  • Advanced safety by automatically reducing the solar array and battery voltage to touch-safe levels upon AC shut down
  • Module-level visibility through Solar Edge’s monitoring platform that tracks battery status, solar production, and self-consumption data

With StoreEdge Systems, homeowners can lower their electricity bills by using battery storage to help power the home and purchase less or cheaper electricity from the grid. They can also increase their energy independence by reducing their grid reliance and protecting themselves from rising electricity costs and grid outages.

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