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Outback EnergyCell 200RE 200Ah, Batteries w/ Integrated Rack

  • OutBack EnergyCell w/Rack BP9890050-1
  • OutBack EnergyCell and battery rack system is an all inclusive battery system for home owners to make cabling and connections a snap to design, order and install.  Blue Pacific Solar group has taken Outback's rack and batteries and put them together for this battery starter backup kit. The Outback Integrated Battery Rack includes EnergyCell (battery) interconnects, cabling, and series string over current protection and disconnects, making it easy to order and install. All electrical connections are pre-wired and the cabinet ships fully assembled with the exception of the batteries, which can be quickly added and connected on the jobsite.
  • Base price includes 4 Outback EnergyCell 200RE 200Ah, 12V AGM Batteries plus OutBack Integrated Battery Rack fully assembled (As Shown). Additional batteries can be purchased below, plus at checkout, in groups of 4 up to 12 total per rack.
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Outback EnergyCell 200RE 200Ah, 12V AGM Battery Integrated Battery Rack System

Model Part Number Output Watts DC Voltage Type Shipping Weight
Outback Battery Enclosure w/ 4 - Outback EnergyCell 200RE BP9890050-1 8,544 (4 Batteries) 25,632 w/12 48 Volts AGM Battery 649 lbs


Outback EnergyCell and integrated battery rack makes battery based grid-tied and off grid systems easy to design and install. One stop shopping for complete, fully assembled battery bank solution, with interconnects, cabling, over current protection and disconnects. Over current protection on each battery string for safety makes the OutBack EnergyCell and battery rack easy to order and install. The battery and rack design starts with front terminal access for ease of installation and maintenance. Low profile terminals with threaded copper alloy inserts provide reduced maintenance and increased safety. The battery cabinet has a compact footprint which allows high energy density in a small area. OutBack EnergyCell batteries have high-density pasted plates for a robust cycle life allowing for up to 1800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge at 5 hour rate.  Low calcium lead / tin alloy plates give these batteries efficient gas recombination long life in both cycling and float applications. Thermally welded case-to-cover bond eliminates the potential for battery leakage. All OutBack EnergyCell batteries are built with UL-recognized components and come with a 2 year, no pro-rated warranty. agm wholesale solar

What's On The Truck:

  • 1 - Outback Comprehensive Battery Enclosure
  • 4 - Outback EnergyCell 200RE, 200 AH 12V AGM Batteries
  • Includes all Cables and Connectors Within the Rack. External Battery Cables not Included.
  • System Ships With Rack Prebuilt As Shown, Batteries Require Field Installation

energycellBattery Kit Ships By Freight Direct from OutBack in About 15 Business Days After Funds Clear (Subject to Seasonal Increases).

Battery Options Volts Watt Hours # Batteries Incl Price  
Outback EnergyCell 200RE 48VDC 8,544 Watt Hours 4 Outback 178 aH AGMbattery Cables
battery racks

OutBack EnergyCell Integrated Battery Rack System Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x L) 52.2” x24”x 25.5” / 68.58cmx64.77cmx132.58cm
Weight 86.0 lbs (39.0 kg) without batteries
Physical 0.125-inch thick aluminum enclosure with Flexware silver finish; plated copper bus bars and polycarbonate covers. Ships fully assembled (except for batteries)
Capacity Up to twelve (12) EnergyCell RE batteries
Systems Supported 48 volts
Available Batteries EnergyCell 200RE

OutBack EnergyCell 200RE 12 Volt Front Terminal Battery Specifications

EnergyCell 170RE EnergyCell 200RE
Cells Per Unit: 6 6
Voltage Per Unit: 12 Vdc 12 Vdc
Operating Temperature Range: Discharge: -40°F (-40°C) to +160°F (71°C) Charge: -10°F (-23°C) to +140°F (60°C)
Optimal Operating Temperature Range: +74°F (23°C) to +80°F (27°C)
Recommended Maximum Charging
Current Limit per String:
25 Adc 30 Adc
Float Voltage Charge: 13.62 to 13.8 Vdc/unit Average at 77°F (25°C)
Equalization and Cycle
Service Charging Limits:
14.4 to 14.8 Vdc/unit Average at 77°F (25°C)
Self Discharge: Battery can be stored up to 6 months at 77°F (25°C) before a freshening charge is required. Batteries stored at temperatures greater than 77°F (25°C) will require recharge sooner than batteries stored at lower temperatures.
Temperature Compensation Factor
5mV per degree C per cell (2V)
Terminal: Threaded copper alloy insert terminal to accept ¼-20 UNC bolt
Terminal Hardware Initial Torque: 110 in-lbs (12.4 Nm)
Weight (lbs/kg): 115 lbs (52 kg) 131 lbs (60 kg)
Dimensions: 11.14 x 22.01 x 4.95” (28.3 x 55.9 x 12.6 cm) 12.60 x 22.01 x 4.95” (32.0 x 55.09 x 12.6 cm)
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Outback EnergyCell Rack Integrated 48 Volt Battery System

As the demand for solar grid tied and off-grid energy increases, the needs of home owners who are interested in doing it themselves are rapidly growing as well. OutBack Power is responding by engineering its quality recognized line of balance-of-system components into preassembled systems to give customers who are DIY OutBack quality in a more easily installed package. The OutBack EnergyCell and Integrated Battery Rack System is a standardized solution built from the solar industry’s most proven technology and materials in the field of off-grid and home backup power management and storage. As home and cabin owners interest builds in grid-interactive and off-grid solar power systems, OutBack is ready as a one-stop resource with the EnergyCell RE batteries and rack.

The EnergyCell RE valve regulated lead acid battery is designed for high power density and renewable energy cycling applications. This battery utilizes Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance. The EnergyCell RE also features low profile terminals with threaded copper alloy inserts providing reduced maintenance and increased safety. The OutBack Integrated Battery Rack system is a comprehensive battery enclosure solution with cell interconnects, cabling, and series string over current protection and disconnects included, making it easy to order and install. All electrical connections are made at the factory and ship fully assembled with the exception of the batteries, which can be quickly added and connected on the jobsite.

Unlike typical steel racks, the OutBack design is crafted of powder coated aluminum, resulting in a rack that maintains a clean, durable appearance even in challenging environments while weighing less than 90 pounds. Clear covers allow for visual inspection while providing additional protection for the batteries and electrical connections. The rack can accommodate up to twelve (12) EnergyCell RE batteries, and supports 48 volt systems.

OutBack EnergyCell rack and integrated battery bank is one big reason why OutBack Power remains at the top of the grid-tied and off-grid quality solar products manufactures list. Famous in the field of solar, OutBack has done it again with this comprehensive battery design with rack. When comparing the 5 hour lifecycle rate of the OutBack EnergyCell battery, wins in a competitive analysis of other AGM batteries. A battery life-cycle is a complete discharge and then charge bringing the battery back to the full state of charge.

OutBack EnergyCell cycle life comparison allows for 6200 cycle depth of discharge (DOD) at 10%, 5700 DOD at 20%, and 1800 at DOD 50%. When compared to other solar AGM batteries the OutBack EnergyCell has a much higher cycle life making for a higher return on your investment.