AC Coupling 5.7 kW Magnum Energy
MicroGT 500 Micro-Inverter Backup Kit


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AC Coupling 5.7 kW Magnum Energy MicroGT 500 Micro-Inverter

MidNite Solar
  • Pre-Engineered Solar Grid-tie Backup Power Kit
  • AC coupling is the ability to use a battery-based inverter to continue to power loads and charge the batteries during a utility power outage. In a basic solar installation, the Magnum MicroGT Micro-Inverters utilize solar energy to offset power consumption from the utility grid. However, like all grid tie inverters they must shut down during a utility power outage. Thus, your critical loads are no longer powered, and all the energy produced by your solar system during the outage is wasted. In an AC coupled system, all your regular household loads are connected directly to the AC side (See Schematic Tab). Installing a bidirectional battery-based inverter (i.e., Magnum’s MS-PAE Series installed in the MidNite Magnum Pre-built AC Coupled Power Center) allows the MicroGT micro-inverters on that string to operate, and therefore to continue to utilize the solar energy from your solar system to power your home’s critical loads during the power outage.
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What's On the Truck MidNite Solar

● P/N MEACCSM-5700 - 5.7 kW Magnum Energy Micro-Inverter AC Coupled Backup Solar Kit

  • 20 - 285W Canadian Solar Panels, CS6K-285M Mono Black Frame 60 Cell Mono; Warranty - 25 Years.
  • 10 - Magnum ME-MGT500 Micro-Inverters w/ Dual MC4 Solar Inputs 500W, 240VAC (1 Micro-Inverter per 2 Panels); ; Warranty - 25 Years.
  • 10 - MAGNUM, ME-MGT-AC-EXT, AC Extension Cable, 6 Foot, Inverter to Inverter (Note: An AC Extension Connector cable (ME-MGT-AC-EXT) is needed if the microinverters on the same branch circuit are > 6 feet apart.
  • 1 - Magnum AC Coupled Pre-built Power Center MidNite MNEMS4024PAEACCPL 120/240 VAC 1 MS4024PAE 4000W 24VDC Inverter; 2 MNSPD300 (Surge Protection Devices); Magnum Energy ME-RTR Display & Router; Warranty - 5 Years.
  • 2 - MAGNUM, ME-MGT-AC-F, AC Termination Cable, 6 FOOT Connection to J Box (Need 1 Per Branch, J Box Not Included)
  • 2 - Magnum ME-MGT-ENDCAP-F End Cap (Need 1 Per Branch)
  • 1 - Magnum ME-MGT-MW, MAGWEB GT Communications Gateway, 120 VAC
  • 1 - Magnum Energy ME-MGT-ADAPTER RS485 to RS232 Adapter & 25 ft Interconnect Cable
  • 1 - Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitoring Kit Includes 500ADC Shunt (Local Installation Required)
  • 2 - Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 2/0 x 10' (ft.) (2 black)
  • 1 - Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Main Panel.
  • NOTE: Batteries are site specific and are NOT included in this package. A properly sized battery bank is critical to the functionality of the backup.


Balance of Material Normally Ships in Approximately 3-5 Business Days After Funds Clear. ● AC Couple Magnum / Midnite MNEMS4024PAEACCPL Power Center ships in Approximately 20 Business Days. (Subject to Seasonal Increases) ● Line Drawing send via Email [PDF] 3 - 5 business days after funds clear.

magnum energy Solar panel roof or ground racks and batteries are site specific options that are not included with the base package. [See Related Items Below]

Simple to Install - Each Magnum MicroGT500 Micro-Inverter Easily Mounts on the Solar Racking, Directly Beneath the Solar Panels.

ac coupling

Why AC Couple? Basic Magnum Energy system Design Using AC Coupling.

  • A way to use grid-tie solar panels during a utility power outage. Power generated from your solar array powers the loads through the Magnum Micro-Inverters to the utility grid. Current from one of the strings passes through the AC coupled power center to the battery-based inverter/charger to both recharge the battery bank with the remaining power selling back to the grid. If the batteries are full the AC coupled power center neither takes from or adds to the power the Magnum Micro-Inverters are producing and exporting to the grid on the string connected to the AC coupled power center. The other strings with Micro-Inverters connect to you main panel the same as any other grid-tie solar system.
  • AC Coupling provides limited power during a blackout. Proper battery sizing is critial to the functionality of the backup system.


MidNite Solar


MidNite Solar RECOMMENDATION - Keep the number of parallel strings of batteries to three or fewer. More than three strings of batteries will shorten your battery life due to uneven charging. That means use higher AH 6VDC or 2VDC batteries for fewer strings. Batteries in Series = Voltage is Additive; Batteries in Parallel = Ah is Additive.

The AC Coupled, Backup Grid-tie Solar Solution

MidNite Solar Solar Production = 855 kW per Month ● Assumptions: STC Watts 285 Watt Panel Rating [Factory Rating] @ 5.0 Sun Hours (Assumes Whole Array STC).


MidNite Solar Technical Specifications: Magnum AC Coupled Pre-built Power Center MidNite MNEMS4024PAEACCPL ● 24 VDC Battery Based Inverter. 120/240 VAC Output, Continuous Inverter AC Output Current to backup loads panels is 30 AAC ● Magnum MicroGT 500 grid-tie Micro-Inverter, 240 VAC

● AC Coupled Magnum Pre-built Power Center MidNite MNEMS4024PAEACCPL Factory Tested and Pre-Configured Power Center. ● American Made Technology, Easy to Order, Fast Delivery, Simplified Installation

Magnum Micro-Inverters Working Together with 5.7 kW AC Coupled Power Center Kit

When the Magnum MS-PAE Series inverter (Installed in Power Center) and the Magnum MicroGT 500 grid-tie micro-inverter are installed in the same system, the advanced AC Coupled Support Mode in the MS-PAE Series inverter can be enabled so that these two inverters work together to prevent the system battery from being overcharged. The AC Coupled Support Mode is a control method that causes the MS-PAE inverter output frequency to decrease, causing the output power of the MicroGT 500 micro-inverter to decrease in an attempt to maintain the battery voltage around the absorb voltage. This advanced AC Coupled Support mode is available in MS-PAE Series inverters (≥Ver 6.0), is enabled when the battery type is set to Custom, and activates when the battery voltage increases above the custom-absorb voltage level. The Magnum AC Coupled Pre-built Power Center MidNite MNEMS4024PAEACCPL in this kit is good for up to 3,600 Watts of Magnum Micro-Inverters (12 285 Watt Solar Panels). Beyond 12 285 Watt solar panels the string of Magnum Micro-Inverters are connected to the main electrical panel the same as any typical system. (⇑ See Schematic Tab)

Magnum ME-MGT500 Micro-Inverters

Each solar panel has individual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controls, which ensures that the maximum power is exported to the utility grid regardless of the performance of the other solar panels in the array. When solar panels in the array are affected by shade, dust, orientation, or any situation in which one panel under-performs compared with the other units, the MicroGT 500 inverter ensures top performance from the array by maximizing the performance of each panel within the array. 1 Micro-inverter for two 60 cell or 72 cell panels. Up to 7 inverters (14 solar panels) per 20A circuit.

Magnum ME-MGT-MW Monitor Gateway

MagwebGT is the data gateway and communication for the GT500 micro-inverter system. Magnum’s MagWeb GT (ME-MGT-MW) is the information gateway for your MicroGT 500 inverter system—it collects panel performance data from each individual MicroGT inverter. The MagWeb GT is easily installed, simply plug it into any wall outlet and provide an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to a broadband router or modem. The MagWeb GT’s software displays performance trends, informs you of abnormal events, and controls system shutdown when needed. The monitor plugs into a 120 VAC output near the system for power line communication to the inverters. You then plug a Ethernet connection to the your local router for internet communication.

Personal Technical Advisor

Line drawing questions or just stuck? No worries we have your back and will be here to help whenever you have questions. For orders larger than $2,000.00 a Technical Sales Team Group Captain will be assigned your account. Your Technical Advisors job is to coordinate all parts and pieces of your order and to work with you throughout the process. This makes it easy for you because we will be providing you with a single contact point and single extension to call with your questions to help make the process easier.

Canadian Solar Panels 17.41% Panel Efficiency

Blue Pacific Solar® Magnum AC couple Micro-Inverter kit is featured with Canadian Solar panels which are ranked among the highest efficiency panels in the industry bringing customer value of more energy. Best Warranty Insurance, 25 year worldwide 100% warranty term coverage providing third party bankruptcy rights. Non-cancellable, by 3 top insurance companies. 25 Year Warranty, UL Listed.

System Qualifies - 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit

    tax credit Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows a taxpayer to claim a credit of 30 percent for a qualified system located in the USA and that is owned and used as a residence by the taxpayer.

Optional Accessories


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