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Lake Elsinore solar companies complete systems for solar electrical power and thermal hot water. You became part of the solar solution when you clicked on our website and took your first step towards increasing your monthly cash flow. Rising power costs, climate change and the destruction of nonrenewable resources is a daily news bulletin. But there is an answer, renewable clean solar electrical power and solar thermal hot water can make you part of the sustainable solution.

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In Lake Elsinore, Blue Pacific Solar is offering a wide spectrum of home and Lake Elsinore solar companies system packages and kits conducts a simple home energy audit.

Step 5: Blue Pacific Solar will complete all the California paperwork including your CA utility rebates and incentives.

Step 6: Our professional Lake Elsinore solar companies panel system packages and kits group installs your solar panels on your home or commercial business.

Step 7: We arrange for the utility company inspections on your home or commercial building.

Step 8: Our in-house licensed C-10 electrician, turns on your Lake Elsinore California home or commercial solar system and you can enjoy the happiness of watching your utility electric meter spinning backwards for the first time.

Step 9: You are paid your utility company rebates and apply for your federal tax incentives when you file your income tax for this year .

Only thing to do right now is request your Free Lake Elsinore solar companies home or commercial consultation which is the first step in the process to put you on your way to your own solar panels panel system packages and kits. You will be the envy of the neighborhood.