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Bakersfield solar companies, factory-built, pre-tested solar solutions. You became part of the solar solution when you clicked on our website and took your first step towards increasing your monthly cash flow. Rising power costs, climate change is in the daily news. But there is an answer, renewable clean solar electrical power can make you part of the solution.

In Bakersfield, Blue Pacific Solar Companies is offering SunPod solar systems and DIY (Do-it-yourself) home solar kits. SunPods can be delivered to the project site fully-assembled with all of the components required to generate solar energy. The SunPods Solar Smart Technologies™ design methodology minimizes on-site construction or site preparation and reduces panel system packages and kits time by up to 95 percent. Products include on-grid and off-grid solutions, EV solar charging and ground mount systems for commercial, government and residential applications. SunPods also delivers specialized solutions for landfills, brownfields and agricultural operations.

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Contact us today. Expert consulting starts with the determination of your requirements at your home - or at the site where your new home is to be built. Schedule an initial solar evaluation that includes federal tax incentives and California utility rebates. We will have one of our companies certified panel system packages and kits technicians call you to see if solar, for your Bakersfield home or business, is right for you. We hope you will go solar. It will benefit you and benefit the planet. We'll work hard to go the extra mile for you. Together with a passion for green technology, we can help build sustainability.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy is ...

... Tapping into the most direct sources of power... The natural thing to do... Helping the planet... Reducing pollution from fossil fuel... A clean source of energy that will never run out... The satisfaction of doing the right thing... A wise investment in a sustainable USA future ... A step away from energy dependence and the unpredictable high costs of energy

At Blue Pacific Solar you will find energy professionals with expert capabilities that can answer all your questions regarding CA SMUD or PGE utility rebates and incentives. Our Bakersfield Solar Companies have a wide selection of panels module that combine elegant aesthetics with robust design and performance and have proved themselves in both large and small